November 7, 2012

THE COMING TWO YEAR “WE TOLD YOU SO” MOMENT: Near the end of his six hour election-palooza radio show on Tuesday night, Hugh Hewitt commented:

I look back at 1984, and say, when Ronald Reagan won a huge reelection, it was an affirmation of his policies. That did not happen here [in 2012]; there is no mandate, because it’s not 1984. However, people have to lay down those markers, and make an argument, beginning tonight, that “we told you so.” This is going to be the two-year “we told you so” cycle. When the currency crisis comes, when the national defense crisis comes, when the Islamists hit us again, it is a “we told you so” moment, and Republicans can’t be afraid of that.

More from Hugh on last night, on his blog: “With A Deep Sadness And No Little Fear.”

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