November 6, 2012

HURRICANE SANDY UPDATE: Reader Juan Cusumbo writes:

On a break from the election frenzy thought you might note that hurricane recovery is still slow — here are the freezer shelves of our local A&P at 3:30 pm today, November 6, 2012, 8 days after Sandy.

Meat counters were lightly stocked, no ground turkey for one. And the deli had mostly store brand lunch meat. Canned goods were heavily picked over, particularly ready to eat meats like deviled ham, tuna etc.

On a 5 mile trip, multiple gas lines multiple blocks long.

Not getting a lot of national press.

UPDATE: From Staten Island, A Desperate Plea For Underwear.

Also, Rudy Giuliani: FEMA As Bad On Sandy As On Katrina. Much less press, though — at least until after today.

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