November 4, 2012


Was away from Colorado for three weeks. Yesterday while wearing my Romney cap, I had these experiences.

1) One of my yoga instructors told me she loved my cap.
2)Went to Floyds for a haircut…home of the multiple tramp stamp barbers…young girl cutting my hair said she loved my hat. Said most the employees were voting for Romney and that they are mostly young mothers.
3) Went to the yoga clothing store. TWO employees, both blond, young, beautiful, fit, said they loved my hat and couldn’t wait to vote for Romney. That they would say that at this store was a revelation.

If Obama has lost the yoga vote, it is over.

Interesting. Here in Knoxville I had a multiply-tattooed and pierced massage therapist launch into an anti-Obama diatribe a few months ago — she runs her own small business, and he’s killing her — but that’s not quite so unusual here as in Colorado. Well, we’ll know soon enough what all this means.

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