November 4, 2012

OBAMA: “I’M SORT OF A PROP IN THE CAMPAIGN.” Or an empty chair, you might say. In any case, the Washington Examiner notes, “Overshadowed by Clinton, Obama admits to being a ‘prop’ in his own campaign:”

“I was back stage with David Plouffe, as some of you know, he is sort of a mastermind in campaign organization, we were talking about how as the campaign goes on, we’ve become less relevant,” Obama joked. “I’m sort of a prop in the campaign.”

“The power is not with us anymore,” Obama reminded his cheering supporters. “The planning, everything we do doesn’t matter because now it’s up to you.”

But as Obama was speaking, many people took their cue and began making their way to the exits to beat the parking lot traffic on the way out.

Video of Obama’s “prop” remark here.

And speaking of Bill Clinton, he’s doing four events on Monday — in Pennsylvania, the state that birthed one of Obama’s more infamous Kinsleyesque gaffes in 2008. Or as Twitchy notes, on Tuesday, “It may all come down to the bitter clingers.”

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