October 29, 2012

JEB BUSH: OBAMA CAMPAIGNING LIKE ’10-YEAR-OLD:’ Complaining both that Romney’s Jeep ad ‘hurts my feelings’ and whining about the coverage of Benghazi, he’s certainly seems to be acting like one at times.

And his constant attempts at making happy talk with local media rather than face substantive interviews backfired big-time when a pre-taped segment aired today on a Cincinnati FM-radio station:  Obama Talks iPod playlists as hurricane hits, ABC reports:

“There’s probably not a group that you play that I don’t have on my iPod. So I’ve got some jazz, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. Got some Gil Scott Heron on there. You gotta mix it up,” he said. “It just depends on the mood I’m in.”

I can’t imagine he’s in an especially good mood right at the moment.

RELATED: Walter Russell Mead adds, “The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President.”

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