October 28, 2012

DON’T GET COCKY, KID: Bob Krumm: Does Ohio Really Matter? “The bottom line is that if Mitt Romney’s popular vote margin is large enough, no matter what happens in Ohio, some other state is going to play Belgium to Obama’s Maginot Line.”

Really, don’t get cocky. It’s all about showing up. Save the crowing until the showing’s done. Which doesn’t mean I don’t hope he’s right.

UPDATE: Reader Russ Meyer writes: “I’m glad the polls look good for Romney, but please ask people to remember that we all thought the Obamacare decision would go the right way as well, and we were then crushed when it didn’t. Things look great, but we can’t get cocky.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Chris Lynch writes: “When the post election postmortem is done I think the numbers will show that in state after state many more Democrats will have voted for the federal offices of Senator or Congressman than voted for the Democrat at the top of the ticket. These folks may not vote for Mitt Romney but by not voting for Barack Obama they will be widening the gap which will be the difference between a slim victory and a landslide. The fiscal policies and the shame of what happened at Benghazi may keep even the most strident Democrat from voting for Obama.” Well, we’ll know soon.

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