October 10, 2012

“I TOLD YOU THAT VIDEO STORY WOULDN’T WORK!” Obama meets with Hillary at the White House as damaging Libya attack details emerge.

UPDATE: State Dept.: No Mob In Benghazi; Whistleblower: We Begged For Help. “This new admission contradicts the administration’s previous position that the embassy was subjected to a peaceful protest that was ‘hijacked by extremists.’ Obama administration officials were maintaining this claim nearly a week after the attack, although it was known within 24 hours that the attack was a pre-meditated act of war.” With damning Susan Rice video at the link.

Plus: “Meanwhile, ABC’s Jake Tapper reports that the former top security official at the embassy says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s bureaucracy rejected his requests, over most of this year, to beef up security at the site in response to credible threats of a terrorist attack.”

Also: Barack Obama’s is no Reality-Based Government.

UPDATE: State Department: We didn’t say all that stuff we said about Benghazi. Perhaps SNL will do a skit with Emily Litella as Hillary Clinton.

MORE: Reuters: State never responded to two requests for more security in Benghazi.

Remember when they told us an Obama Administration would be so much more competent than that dumb cowboy Bush?

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