October 9, 2012

ALWAYS GLAD TO HELP: Reader Jody Green writes:

You mentioned, about 2 weeks ago, In-house Power line internet and how it outperforms wireless. I have to say you are so right. I can now watch PJTV, Amazon and Youtube videos in full screen without the annoying pause. For more details and to explain because I am a lifelong techie/telecom guy, the airwaves of better and better WiFi signals are all stepping on each other. I was forced to upgrade to AT&T U-Verse fiber service which was supposed to be much faster and I found it sucked. The service came with it’s own modem/router/wireless device and the first thing I noticed is that it was picking up like 10 of my neighbors signals. When I did a speed test, it said I was getting like 8 mbs but could not view a video without pause. I complained and AT&T said you suck. Two days with the power line connections and I am one happy camper.

Yeah, we have these power line adapters in several places and they do help, both with increased speed and where the wi-fi is a bit weak.

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