October 2, 2012

VOTING ANARCHY IN PENNSYLVANIA:  A Pennsylvania state trial judge, Robert Simpson, has blocked the implementation of a law requiring voters to show I.D. Earlier in the month, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Judge Simpson to block the law unless he determined there would be no voter disenfranchisement and that new state voter IDs are easy to obtain.  Simpson said that he could not say that there would be “no” voter disenfranchisement.  An appeal back to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is expected.

Tea party groups in Pennsylvania have expressed their intent to campaign against the retention election of two Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices, Ron Castille (a Republican) and Max Baer (a Democrat), if the voter I.D. law is not implemented.

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, has ruled that requiring voter I.D. is perfectly constitutional.  It prevents voter fraud.  Without such measures, our elections are a third-world sham.  Any politician that tells you otherwise– that voter I.D. laws are about “disenfranchisement,” for example–is willing to sacrifice the integrity of our republic for political gain.

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