September 29, 2012

NEWSBUSTERS: CBS Radio Reporter Cheers the State’s Ability to ‘Punish the Filmmaker’ for Upsetting Muslims? Here’s the segment that aired on CBS Radio yesterday:

CBS RADIO ANCHOR (Steve Kathan): The man behind the anti-Islam video that sparked outrage in the Muslim world is still in jail in Los Angeles. It’s for a probation violation.

RAVIV: I’m Dan Raviv in Washington. The short movie posted on YouTube has had a lot of diplomatic impact. It was *clearly* designed to insult the Prophet Mohammed, and a senior Obama administration official told CBS News last week that no one in the Middle East seems to believe that the US government could not stop the film from getting out. Now at least Federal authorities might be able to *punish* the filmmaker.”

ANCHOR The Dow is down 69. This is CBS News.

There’s audio at the link, so you can decide for yourself, but to my ears, Raviv does sound pretty darn enthusiastic about Nakoula’s arrest. As Tim Graham of Newsbusters asks, “Is this the way CBS News reveres freedom of speech? Is Raviv unaware that he sounds like he supports punishing those who speak ill of Muhammad?”

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