September 21, 2012

READER BOOK PLUG: Major Shane Corcoran writes:

A classmate of mine from the Defense Language Institute Arabic course has written a sci-fi e-book called The Lords of Harambee which I think is worth a plug. Bottom line up front: it was described as “Black Hawk Down in Space”, and that was from an agent who was talking about why it wasn’t marketable. Hell, I think that should be on the front cover.

To add detail about the author to establish his bona fides, my buddy is an Air Force pilot who flew 200+ missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but was later an Olmsted scholar who received a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution in Jordan. Also, while he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy, he had two sci-fi stories published in reputable magazines, so it isn’t like this is a lark.

If you think it is worth it, I’d ask you to put a plug for it on your site. Mark (the author) is a bit of a progressive (like Scalzi), so I’m not sure if he would ever write you himself, but this novel is pretty dang good and I’m sure your readership would appreciate its realistic depiction of war.

Done! And, yeah, I agree: “Black Hawk Down In Space” is a selling point.

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