September 14, 2012


Much as it pains me to admit she was right about something, Hillary’s remarks about that 3 a.m. phone call were correct in one way. It wouldn’t be wise to call President Obama, as they probably don’t allow phones on the golf course or at campaign fundraisers which is where he seems to spend most of his time.
Sadly, we’ve also learned that Secretary Clinton can’t handle that phone call too well, as it seems her response was to apologize for freedom.
With all of the things I didn’t like about him, John McCain doesn’t look so bad to me now.

Please withhold my name if you use this.

When people are willing to give their names in support of this sentiment, we’ll have really turned a corner . . . .

UPDATE: And maybe we have. From my email:

“Well, I’m Bob Tandler, and I support that message.”

“I’m guessing I won’t be the only one to do so, but I’m quite willing to say: My name is Todd Tolhurst, and I wholly support this sentiment. And you can post that.”


I support what the reader writes.

Use my name – I’m a proud Tea Party supporter and Republican.

I do this for my grandchildren.

By the way, we are in a brand new Congressional District – Ron DeSantis, a Navy and Iraq vet is the R candidate and deserves support.

Republican volunteers have knocked on my door, but no Democrats. Maybe they´re looking at the registration, but I would have noticed if the Dems were in the neighborhood.

Mike Thompson
Palm Coast FL. ( part of the I4 corridor which the MSM thinks is so important)

Moe Lane emails: “I didn’t say it, but I’d put my name to the sentiment. I’ll happily cop to being offended by Obama; disappointed by Clinton; and wistful for McCain.” Hell, at this point I’m wistful for Jimmy Carter. I told you people that a Carter rerun would be a best-case scenario, and I was right!

“Wish I had said it, and you can use my name if you like. Bill Gasper.”

“Hell, put my name to it. I am Spartacus. Rob Carty, Houston, Texas.”

Johanna Lapp writes: “Out me. Orphan, white African exile, refugee, new US citizen, Democrat, lesbian, grad student at expensive elitist college. One more stripe can’t make matters any worse.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: More coming out. Sarah Hoyt emails:

I need something to make me feel good after this horrible week, so here it is:

Foreign born, Latin origin, MA in literature, novelist — I wish we’d elected McCain. Sometimes, in my crazier moments, I wish Clinton (whom I hate) were still president. After a week like this, I think we’d be better off with Carter. What more should go in my self denunciation? I hate Marxism with a burning purple passion; Communism should not be acceptable. Declaring yourself a communist should be as acceptable as declaring yourself a puppy eater (oh, wait!) It should shock and disgust well-balanced people. I believe the US is the best country in the world — not perfect — but by far the best system humanity has constructed. Those dead white men who wrote the constitution knew very well what they were doing and we’re not fit to shine their boots. What other totally crazy beliefs do I hold? Oh, yeah, I like men. I think masculine virtues are necessary to the maintenance of civilization and I think we’re treating our men very badly and there will be a price to pay. I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that our system of individual rights has made possible magnificent technology. And because that technology allowed me to drop all the publishers who would have objected to this statement — other than Baen Books who doesn’t object at all — and self publish all the books Baen doesn’t buy, you can sign me Sarah A. Hoyt (aka Sarah D’Almeida, aka Elise Hyatt.)

The USA is lucky to have you, Sarah.

FINALLY: Reader Richard Samson writes:

Please allow me to join in the “I Am Spartacus!” moment.
Richard E Samson
Greensboro, NC


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