September 9, 2012


I got a very negative email from a pundit who shall remain unnamed yesterday. I quoted Patton: “Do not take counsel of your fears.”

Some of this is coming from people who didn’t like Romney in the primaries. But I have to say, the press would be the same no matter who the GOP had nominated. This election is about Barack Obama and his disastrous record. The press wants to save him. Don’t be suckered.

UPDATE: A followup email from Sarah:

You don’t have to like Romney. You just have to like him better than Obama. Remember Heinlein said there is often no one you want to vote for but there is always someone you want to vote against. And if you don’t like him better than Obama — why not? Even if he is all you think, a squishy, soft social-democrat (I don’t think so, but you can read it that way) he’s not a hard-core Marxist Leninist. And if you think there’s no difference, you need remedial reading. I suggest The Black Book Of Communism for a start.

Glenn is absolutely right that whoever the Republicans had nominated would get this treatment. Republicans are ALWAYS evil/stupid. The difference right now seems to be the media-Democrat complex is also trying to fracture the Republican base. Maybe I’m seeing trolls under every bridge but all of a sudden, after a period of unity, there’s a lot of moaning and belly-aching about how Romney is no better than Obama. And Republicans are falling for it, even though the comments are virtually identical, word per word across the sites.

Get over it. Romney is better than Obama. He’s not ideal — who is? — but we’re not (thank heavens) a monarchy looking for a perfect king. We’re a sovereign people looking for the best of two candidates. We can’t go back to sleep after he’s elected. We have to stay awake, watch over our employee and make him fear our wrath and our firing him if he goes astray. But first we get rid of the total dud we (well, not me, but…) hired in 08. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the Tea Parties to keep Romney in line. But first I donate and I campaign so we can hire him. THEN we keep him in line.


MORE: Reader George Milonas writes:

This air of inevitably for Obama benefits Romney not Obama. Republicans are depressed for no reason. If you create the image that Obama is going to win no matter what, it’s the Democratic voter who is going to stay home figuring Obama is going to win anyway. Republicans are incredibly motivated. They’re going to vote no matter what. The Democrats won’t. I think we should lie to pollers and increase the inevitability for Obama. We’re going to show up even if there is a plague of locusts coming at us. And the truth of the matter is the only thing that matters in this election is who shows up.

I have written on that point myself. And — as things like the Chick-Fil-A affair demonstrate — the grassroots have more grit than the punditocracy and the establishment.

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