September 6, 2012

RAND SIMBERG: The False Narratives of the Obama Campaign: How Romney can fight back against “The Big Lie.” “The Republicans need to go on the offensive and take back control of the narrative with the truth — that the downturn occurred as a result of policies primarily promulgated by the Democrats.”

UPDATE: Reader Lauren Deal writes: “I’ve read through the Simberg commentary twice. I wish I could doodle big stars, arrows, and circles around it, just in case Romney’s folks really are reading Instapundit. In law student fashion, I would highlight the concluding paragraphs. Romney must take back the narrative. Key to that end is reminding us that the Dems had Congress 2007-2010, yet Pres. Obama did not fulfill his promises; furthermore, Romney must distinguish himself – and even distance himself – from Bush. Frankly, I would welcome Romney’s criticism of certain Bush policies.”

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