September 6, 2012

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Five Ways Obama Is No Bill Clinton.

Well, Clinton wouldn’t have blown an already-agreed debt deal by coming back and demanding more after things were settled.

On the other hand, this reminds me of Clinton’s speech last night:

Woodward recounts an episode early in his presidency when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were hammering out final details of the stimulus bill.

Obama phoned in to deliver a “high-minded message,” he writes. Obama went on so long that Pelosi “reached over and pressed the mute button on her phone,” so they could continue to work without the president hearing that they weren’t paying attention.

They both do like to go on.

UPDATE: Another way Obama isn’t like Clinton: WaPo: Worried Democrats scramble to close fundraising gap with GOP.

ANOTHER UPDATE: An email from reader Amy Schley:

My sister, who is very apolitical, posted this on Facebook which shows the trouble the War on Women narrative is having for the younger generation.

“I don’t normally get political, but this one struck a nerve. Do I think women in the same careers as men deserve the same pay? Well, yes. But here’s my problem: both those men and women HAVE ****ing CAREERS. Do you really expect me to be concerned and outraged for those women and their glass ceiling when the the majority of college educated women (and men) of my generation are still stuck outside in our proverbial cardboard boxes in back alleys, shining shoes and
selling papers just to survive?”

She’s got a M.Ed. but can’t find a job teaching, and so is going back to school for speech pathology. I’m a licensed attorney working in a shoe shop. I can’t think of a comment that better encapsulates the frustration we have at out-of-touch politicians.

Yes, the “social issues” stuff is a sort of political luxury good. In today’s economy, the market for such luxuries isn’t as big as it once was.

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