September 5, 2012

SO WATERGATE WAS A “HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?” MOMENT, BUT IF THIS IS TRUE, THESE PEOPLE WILL BE HEROES TO A LOT OF DEMOCRATS: Claim: Anonymous group allegedly hacked Romney tax records via TN firm. Of course, how would you establish the authenticity of anything they released? It would be like Frank J. publishing Obama’s college transcripts. Which, by the way, seem to have remained sacrosanct somehow.

Say, remember the Palin email hacking? It’s like these independent-hacker people actually just work for the Democratic Party or something.

UPDATE: In the comments, a suggestion that this is just a cover story: “As many observers have noted, there’s little question the Obama campaign has Romney’s tax returns. That’s illegal, though–they had to have been obtained from the government, which indeed is Nixon territory–so there will have to be some cover story when they are inevitably leaked prior to the election. The Reid nonsense was a start, maybe this is the vehicle.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Quite a few commenters with tax experience say this is bogus. But reader Mark Jones writes:

It’s not just that the so-called hackers could provide cover for releasing Romney’s tax returns obtained (illegally) by the Obama administration. It’s that they could release PHONY returns showing blatantly illegal or unethical actions on Romney’s part and then, when Romney protests, demand that he prove it by releasing the real returns. The “hackers” provide plausible deniability on two levels: First, “We thought they were the real thing”, and second, “Of course we didn’t obtain his records unlawfully. We didn’t even get the real thing!”


MORE: Alex Bensky emails:

There is a point about the Palin e-mail hacking that seems to have escaped attention, even in the blogsphere.

The NY Times recruited something like a hundred volunteers to go over each and every one of the 13,000 e-mails. Some other legacy media also did something like that but I forget who.No need to say that if it had been Kathleen Sebelius or Jennifer Granholm the Times’s approach would have been to complain about the hacking.

If the Times reported the results it did so in a very obscure place and certainly none of the other msm did much to report them. The reason is that of all those e-mails, the worst they could come up with was that she had a hot tub installed in the governor’s residence. Otherwise–and remember she had no speechwriter or teleprompter–she came across as bright, knowledgeable, and articulate. She also showed a real sense of modesty and humility about herself, which is one way she distinguishes herself from President Obama. In other words, the e-mails showed her in a good light. If I were a cynic I’d say that is precisely why the Times didn’t make a big deal of what they found. Probably the reason was that the news columns were filled with more important stories such as why, such as a pronouncement on politics by Cher.


MORE STILL: Reader Brian Alleman offers a correction: “The MSM hired all of the extra people for when the state of Alaska released the email records from palin’s administration not the hack.”

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