August 29, 2012

WHERE “SORT-OF” EQUALS “HALF-ASSED:” Prof. Joseph Campbell: A sort-of correction from the NYTimes. “It has taken more than three months, but the New York Times today published a sort-of correction of its erroneous description about the napalm attack in Vietnam in June 1972 that preceded the famous photograph of children terrified and wounded by the bombing.” Plus this: “[T]he phrasing — ‘while the planes that carried out the attack were “American planes” in the sense that they were made in the United States, they were flown by the South Vietnamese Air Force, not American forces’ — makes it sound like a bunch of teenagers borrowing daddy’s car.”

The narrative — Americans evil baby-killers! — must be preserved. The self-esteem of an entire generation of Boomer journalists requires it.

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