August 24, 2012

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College diploma suddenly worth less on Obama site.

A college degree just lost some value, according to the Obama-Biden campaign website.

Overnight, the expected income of a degree touted by the campaign dropped $5,000, to just $45,000, hardly worth it some might say when up against the median family income average of $45,800.

The changes hit the new Obama education webpage without notice and followed another that removed the word “expensive” from a sentence on where children want to go to school. The opening line used to read: “My child wants to go to an expensive college. Can she afford it?”

It was Jeryl Bier who originally noticed. Good catch. Hey, I was encouraging Obama to do some remedial reading on higher education just the other day. I even suggested he could read the book on a single fundraising trip. Maybe he got the word. . . .

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