August 17, 2012

DANA MILBANK CRITICIZES THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER’S HATEMONGERING, and Peter Ingemi comments: “I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on Dana Milbank, after all he is doing better than a lot of other people on the left by saying it and he is being savaged in comments but if he really had the courage of his convictions this piece would have come out before there was blood on the ground and not after.”

UPDATE: Reader Walt Higgins writes: “It looks like they have stopped displaying the comments on Milbank’s column. Probably they showed who the real haters are.” That’s how it usually is with comments at the Post.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Former PostWatch guy Christopher Fotos writes: “As of 12:30 pm eastern time, the comments on the Milbank piece are showing up fine. The comment system at WaPo online is clunky–it seems like sometimes when they get a long thread, you have to click on an all/best comments option–but I’m seeing them, they’re at more than 1,000 and counting. Hey, maybe they disappeared something–WaPo does that all the time without explanation.”

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