August 14, 2012

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Ryan’s Budget Is Radical? Far From It.

What’s radical is jacking up federal spending to near-World-War-II levels, and funneling much of the money into the pockets of cronies.

But even Obama didn’t think the Ryan budget was radical when it came out: FLASHBACK: Obama in 2010 on Ryan Roadmap: ‘This is an entirely legitimate proposal.’

Video at the link.

UPDATE: Reader Kenneth Nachbar writes:

Great work on the video of Obama legitimizing Ryan’s plan. But you buried the lede! At about 4 minutes in, he concedes that Medicare is the real problem, and that we must not attack opponents’ plans as “irresponsible” or trying to “hurt senior citizens.”

So I guess ads like this are off the table, right?

Only for those possessed of a conscience.

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