July 31, 2012

AGING: Immune Dendritic Cells Accumulate Harmful Proteins. “Our immune cells accumulate damaged proteins that impair their function. We need to replace these cells every few decades and keep our immune systems rocking. . . . What I want: cell therapies that will replace senescent immune cells with youthful and highly functioning immune cells. Such therapies will not only reduce sickness and death from infection. The immune system also manages to kill some cancer cells. So one of the reasons that cancer incidence rises with age is immune system aging that undermines the ability of immune cells to identify and attack cancer cells. In fact, some cancers get held in a dormant state by the immune system. Plus, a healthy youthful immune system probably removes toxic beta amyloid protein from the brain and thereby prevents Alzheimer’s disease. So your immune system’s vigor matters even more than most people imagine.”

Faster, please.

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