July 31, 2012

HAPPY TO HELP: Reader Joanna Fuchs writes:

Love the InMotion elliptical I bought through your link.

I bought the under-the-desk InMotion mini-elliptical machine, and I love it. It assembles very quickly, fits nicely under my desk and pedaling is very smooth. I pedal all the time I’m at my computer because it’s so easy and enjoyable. Thanks for the tip!

Glad to help. And that reminds me that I owe readers a review of the FitDesk, which I promised a couple of weeks ago. It’s a pretty cool gadget. Helen uses it almost daily, I use it on non-gym days. The laptop fits neatly on the built-in foam desk (I’ve just left an old MacBook Pro as a permanent addition) and it’s easy to pedal and browse or blog. The pedal action is adjustable and pretty smooth, and the seat is comfortable and wide — not narrow like a bike seat. My only complaint is that I wish the seat adjusted one notch higher than it goes. I keep it on the top setting, and it felt like it was a bit short, but so far I’m not getting any knee pain or anything so I guess it’s enough. But if you’re taller than me (6’3″) you might give it a pass. Helen and I have each lost about a pound, but whether that’s the desk or something else, who knows?

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