July 29, 2012

ANNALS OF THE ONE PERCENT: Michelle Obama’s $6800 jacket. “The White House declined to comment.”

This could have fed 40,000 hungry children. “Using Forgo.it, compassionate people can give up luxuries like lattes, dessert, and even a new boat to feed poor children instead. Users can turn any mundane purchase into a philanthropic venture. . . . Through the middle of August, forgoers are raising funds to help Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) ship a sea-container filled with aid to Zimbabwe. At over 6 meals per dollar donated, users can change the world for a starving child. For example, when someone forgoes a $10 movie, 62 meals will be shipped.”

Sorry kids. But the jacket did look nice. And hey, Glenn Beck has the feeding-the-poor thing covered.

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