July 5, 2012

BILL KRISTOL: Dukakis, Kerry, . . . Romney? “Adopting a prevent defense when it’s only the second quarter and you’re not even ahead is dubious enough as a strategy. But his campaign’s monomaniacal belief that it’s about the economy and only the economy, and that they need to keep telling us stupid voters that it’s only about the economy, has gone from being an annoying tick to a dangerous self-delusion.” Focusing on the economy is important. But a single-note strategy is predictable, and has a single point of failure: Obama just has to make people feel good about the economy for a few months. And with the media’s help, if that’s all he has to do, he may be able to do it. Try striking from an unexpected direction sometime.

UPDATE: Mark Levin goes after David ‘the red’ Axelrod, tells Romney it’s time he pounded back.

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