June 26, 2012

CHINA’S BLOGGERS PUSH FOR CHANGE, one click at a time. “These blogger-activists are far from revolutionary. Like the incoming leaders , many of them are children of Communist Party officials. They are patriots who love China, but want its institutions to work better and on behalf of the people. They take on corrupt corporations as much as the government. They are just as concerned about kidnapped children and AIDS victims as voting rights and free elections. The best known among them, like scholar Yu Jianrong, whose microblog tries to connect begging street children with their parents, have more than a million followers. And they must contend with ever-changing censorship rules. Many of the most popular microbloggers have had their accounts temporarily suspended or shut down entirely, after the government launched a crackdown this year on Internet ‘rumors,’ following aggressive reporting on the case of ousted Politburo member Bo Xilai. They also risk death threats and harassment to raise civic awareness, bring powerful people to book and give a voice to the voiceless.”

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