June 22, 2012

ANN ALTHOUSE UNIMPRESSED BY FELLOW ACADEMIC: “Professor Amar, who is a political creature, with partisan and money-based preferences of his own, plays the role of the Yale law professor, applying political pressure to the Supreme Court and to the larger political mechanism (which includes the 2012 presidential election). Are you enjoying the theater?”

If the Supreme Court could decide that a “living constitution” reflected the failures of laissez-faire capitalism in the 1930s, which is what we’re told it did, then why can’t it decide that a living constitution must recognize the failures of big government in the 21st Century?

Plus, from the comments:

“The Founders intentionally politicized judicial appointments by vesting these appointments in elected executive and legislative officials.”
Akhil Reed Amar, 2005.

Those bastards.

Dead white males. They’re very tricky.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Also from the comments:

First there was that hilarious video of Harvard’s Roberto Unger. Now this piece of unintentional self-parody from Yale’s Akhil Reed Amar.

It’s as if Althouse is deliberately trying to make con law profs at higher-ranked law schools look bad!

All you have to do is let them talk.

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