June 22, 2012

WHY GOOD PEOPLE can’t get jobs.

UPDATE: Reader Ray Wood writes:

I read the link at your post today by the name Why Can’t Good people Get Jobs. I empathize completely with Phil Bowermaster’s point #4: Students are not majoring in the right things. Case in point: I have been trying to fill a job that pays $160K per year, but you do need an engineering degree and some knowledge of facility decommissioning and decontamination (it is at a former nuclear research site). We used to have in this country many people who knew this kind of stuff. Now they are all retired or gone, and nobody wants to go into things like nuclear engineering. But if you want multiple job offers coming out of college, a degree like that is what you should be getting.

It’s good to think about such things when going to college — though you don’t want to be too specialized, as even high-value specialties can suddenly become obsolete. There was a story about a guy in my old law firm who built up a flourishing and lucrative Civil Aeronautics Board practice, but then came up for partner the year they abolished the Civil Aeronautics Board . . . .

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