June 18, 2012

DISHONEST EDITING OF “WAWA” TAPE? “In actuality, Mitt was contrasting the ridiculous over-regulation of the public sector, with the efficiency of the private sector, and used the electronic ordering system at WAWAs as an example – here’s the FULL video.”

I think they were trying for a rehash of the Bush grocery-scanner lie.

UPDATE: Dodd Harris emails:

“I think they were trying for a rehash of the Bush grocery-scanner lie”

That was my immediate thought, as well, when I read the story. They got away with it then–and they simply cannot or will not wrap their heads around the fact that the media environment has changed. No matter how many times these sorts of shenanigans boomerang back and embarrass them, they still think they can twist the public’s perceptions the way they wish. “Real journalists” liked that power and simply refuse to accept that “some blogger” has taken it away for good,

Sadly, there are always some willing dupes who won’t ever learn the truth–because they don’t want to. The type that are still pushing narratives like that the Swift Boaters were “proven wrong” or that Obama is a pillar of fiscal restraint.

Sad, hilarious, whatever. (Bumped). Hot Air has the whole story and the videos.

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