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June 15, 2012

A NEW ANTI-OBAMA AD: “Wah Wahhh.” With a Peanuts theme.

And even Dana Milbank is sounding the same theme: “Despite his claim that ‘both parties have laid out their policies on the table,’ Obama has made no serious proposal to fix the runaway entitlement programs that threaten to swamp the government’s finances. . . . Instead, Obama’s speech was a rehash of earlier proposals.”

UPDATE: Obama’s “Reset” Speech Is Just A Summer Rerun. “Nothing but recycled lines, cliches, dreary policy details and a campaign message that didn’t sell before.”

And reader James Randolph writes: “It’s like hyping the worst movie sequel ever. With nothing else new, he might as well stick the ‘in 3D!’ label on it.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: New Romney Ad: “Looks like a one-term proposition.”

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