June 8, 2012

JAMES PETHOKOUKIS: Obama is wrong. The private sector isn’t ‘doing fine.’

UPDATE: Bob Corker: President Obama Is Offering Proposals That Are “An Insult To American Intelligence.” Watch the clip — the usually mild-mannered Corker is really going after Obama hammer-and-tongs here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Romney Campaign sets up parody Twitter site: @ObamaIsDoingFine.

MORE: Bada Zing: Governor Christie calls Obama’s blame-gaming an outrage, ‘we’re right and they’re wrong.’

MORE STILL: Romney: ‘Historic’ Obama error.

STILL MORE: Jim Treacher weighs in.

FINALLY: Throwing himself under the bus. The Hill: Obama walks back comment about private economy ‘doing fine.’ I’m guessing he saw the Corker clip.

Also, Obama’s Most Clueless Moment Yet?

Well, just check out Memeorandum.

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