June 6, 2012


Likewise in San Jose.

UPDATE: David Harsanyi: Not just Wisconsin: California portends bad news for public-sector unions.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ride Right Through Them, They’re Demoralized as Hell. “I’m watching Morning Joe and I see Chuck Todd making excuses for the democrats and watching Mika go on about the exit polls supporting Obama’s strength in Wisconsin. . . . Watching the exercise of denial reminds me of the very first time I used the phrase: January 20th 2010.”

Further thoughts here: “I can’t help but be pleased to see the Democrats so deep in denial, but I suggest that it has really been the right and conservatives who have been in denial the most over the past year. In our case, however, it’s been denial of our successes.” Don’t get cocky, kid.

On the other hand, a journalist-reader who asks anonymity writes: “Over at memeorandum.com the AP, NYT and WaPo heds all say ‘Walker survives’ … I dunno, 53-46 sounds more like ‘Walker spanks.'”

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