June 5, 2012

ANN ALTHOUSE: “Look at the blue-red balance on the map for last year’s state supreme court battle. Now look at tonight’s map.” Wow. The Dems really did double-down on failure. And judging by Barrett’s speech, they’re going to keep going.

UPDATE: Progressives Utterly Crushed After Failed Wisconsin Recall.

Plus: RECALL WINNER Rebecca Kleefisch: “THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like” (Video).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ann Althouse on Walker’s speech: “A very satisfying evening. I was touched to see Scott Walker, speaking in such a selfless, public-spirited way, after all the abuse he’s taken for well over a year. He must feel so relieved and so vindicated, but the wasn’t a shred of gloating or even basking. What a moment!”

I’ll be gloating and basking a bit tonight. Sorry. . . .

MORE: WI union leader: “We’re not going to pull a blanket over our head and pee in our pajamas.” Maybe you should.

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