May 10, 2012

WASHINGTON POST HIT PIECE ON ROMNEY… EMBELLISHED? “One of the ‘witnesses’ used in the Washington Post hit piece seems to have thrown a wrench in the narrative.”

Meanwhile, at Commentary, Alana Goodman looks at the two standards of MSM conduct when it comes to media bias when covering politicians’ Wonder Years. Shocking that the Post and members of the JournoList would cover a GOP candidate differently from their preferred choice, I know.

Plus this:

Since our media is terrible and juvenile and therefore, to a great extent, so is our politics, I guess we have to play ball and note the instances of bullying, some petty and some a bit less so, in O’s book. Luckily he grew up, matured, and learned a valuable lesson: When you want to push someone around, get one of your political cronies to do it for you so that you can stay “above the fray” and “post-partisan.” Take a memo, Mitt.

Much more from John Nolte at Big Journalism: “Media Downplays Obama’s Past, Tries to Define Romney with Teen Prank.”

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