April 23, 2012

SO “HOMELAND SECURITY” MEANS ACTING AS ENFORCERS FOR BIG ENTERTAINMENT? Federal agents raid Patapsco Flea Market: Counterfeit sports apparel and cosmetics, pirated music confiscated.

Capping a lengthy investigation into counterfeit and pirated merchandise, including the allegedly illegal use of a major sports apparel trademark, federal Homeland Security Investigations agents on Sunday raided the Patapsco Flea Market and confiscated numerous items being sold there.

Nicole Navas, a public affairs specialist with the Department of Homeland Security, said sports apparel, musical recordings and cosmetics were among the items under scrutiny in the 2 1/2-year-long investigation.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security. If they’ve got time for this crap, we don’t have a terrorist problem anymore.

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