April 23, 2012


I’m writing to notify you of a rather interesting event happening this coming Wednesday evening (April 25th at 7pm UK time) in Oxford, at the University’s spectacular Sheldonian Theatre: a debate between myself and Prof. Colin Blakemore, whom I’m sure you know as a high-profile neuroscientist and science communicator and also ex-head of the Medical Research Council, the UK’s largest funding body for biomedical research. The debate will be entitled “This house wants to defeat ageing entirely” and will address both the feasibility and the desirability of bringing aging under comprehensive medical control. See here for details.

There promises to be a very good turnout (based on advance registrations), and media coverage is encouraged. I expect that this will be quite a watershed event, since it’ll be the first time that a bona fide grandee of the British biomedical establishment has risen to the challenge of describing publicly, in a forum where he can be challenged, why intervention against aging is not in fact medicine’s most pressing priority.

I think there will be a video posted afterward. I’ll link it when it’s available. And if any InstaPundit readers happen to attend, please send me a report!

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