April 20, 2012

CHANGE: Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors.

UPDATE: A reader writes:

So a candidate is increasingly unpopular with American donors but retains a vestige of foreign popularity, particularly in certain countries which would like to see “flexibility” on issues in like missile defense in a 2nd term. If there were some way this theoretical candidate could accept foreign donations, it would be awfully tempting. Of course, such a gambit would require drastic measures, like using a series of small and untraceable donations. Cash would be too cumbersome, so this candidate would probably want to use credit cards…hmm…, ah, but the address verification system would need to be disabled to allow that….hmmm…, tempting, but there’s no way the press would let a candidate get away with something that blatant. So I guess we’re safe. Whew! I was getting worried for a minute there.

Yeah, that could never happen.

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