April 18, 2012

DOG-GATE: Joe Scarborough Loses It Laughing Over News That Obama Has Eaten Dog Meat.

Somehow I’m reminded of the mutant dad in The Hills Have Eyes: “What’s the matter? Dog not good enough for ya?”

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The scary part is at the end, when Bo discovers that To Serve Dogs is a . . . cookbook!

Plus, a new campaign button:

And Jim Treacher comments:

If Obama gets another four years, by the end of his second term nobody will care that he ate dogs, because nobody will be able to afford to eat anything else. He’ll solve it the same way he solves everything else: a snappy catchphrase.

“If you like your dachshund, you can eat your dachshund.”

Hey, if you weren’t supposed to eat them, they wouldn’t look so much like a hot dog.

MORE: A reader sends this image:

Heh. This just keeps getting funnier.

And another reader writes: “If ‘Man Bites Dog’ is news, then shouldn’t ‘President Bites Dog’ be on the front page?”

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