April 17, 2012

“STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS” surprisingly popular with the Blue crowd.

As we’ve seen, there have been a number of Democrats in state offices who’ve not only signed stand your ground bills into law but have actually defended those bills when gun-grabbers protested.

To date, Democrat governors who have either signed a stand your ground bill into law or at least refused to veto it include, “Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Brian Schweitzer of Montana, John Lynch of New Hampshire, Brad Henry of Oklahoma, Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Janet Napolitano of Arizona.”

And here’s the kicker folks—California, one of the most staunchly liberal states in the union, is a stand your ground state.

Florida, it turns out, was just catching up with California when it passed its own Stand Your Ground law.

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