April 12, 2012

JIM TREACHER: Hilary Rosen provides a valuable lesson in how not to apologize.

Meanwhile, IowaHawk wins the Tweet Of The Day:

Related: If you’re a stay-at-home mom, Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen would like you to shut up and make her a sandwich.

UPDATE: Reader Susan Kaestner writes:

It does not surprise me in the least to see derogatory housewife comments from Democrats.

In 2002 I operated a very small 527 that ran ads exposing the voting records of a TN state representative who was running in a new census created state senate district that had been molded and served up to him by fellow state Democrats. Seeing that in the process of gerrymandering they didn’t research the demographics of the new district very well my relatively unknown 527 got involved. The soon to be former state legislator was quoted in the Tennessean newspaper as calling me a “terrorist”–this being less than a year after 911. In the same article the Speaker of the House, Jimmy Naifeh (D), took the cake by erroneously insisting I must be a front for a group of rich Republican men because I was “just a little stay at home housewife.”

For the record I’m at least 6’2″ in heels–about a half a foot taller than the Speaker. You would think if your best strategy against conservative women is to call them names you could at least do it with better accuracy than to use the word “little.”

Perhaps to this day Mr. Naifeh does not realize it was the first skirmish in the long and eventually successful battle to end his public service. The next election cycle he found that he needed to spend good deal of his PAC money on purchasing expensive Memphis TV time to save his own seat instead of doling it out to other Democratic candidates. It was unfortunate for him that I launched a statewide campaign explaining among other things how his wife was the highest paid lobbyist in the state.

My advice for politicians is don’t mess with stay at home moms. We deal with children who are about the only thing sneakier and more devious than politicians. Building defenses against puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears creates a certain ruthlessness. Underestimate us at your own peril.

Now Naifeh’s gone.

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