April 4, 2012


UPDATE: Nikki Haley: Amazing What A Bully Obama Has Become.

“What is amazing is what a bully President Obama has suddenly become,” South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said on Wednesday.

The man who took office on a promise of ‘hope and change’ is now bullying people to get his way, Haley told Fox & Friends. “He’s bullying his way on Paul Ryan, saying he’s not coming up with an adequate budget. Now he’s bullying the Supreme Court, saying no, they won’t reverse (the health care law) — they won’t go against us on this.

“That’s not how things work,” Haley said. “He has to lead. He’s shown no sort of leadership when it comes to balancing a budget. He’s shown no leadership when it comes to allowing the states to do the will of the people. He continues to say no to everything.”

He knows he’s in over his head, and he’s lashing out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader who probably doesn’t want his name used emails: “I’m having flashbacks of Captain Queeg on the witness stand in The Caine Mutiny, rattling steel balls in his hand and prattling on about strawberries. Yikes.”

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