April 2, 2012

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: From the Trayvon Martin Tragedy to a National Travesty. “Whites are far more likely to be murdered by blacks than vice-versa, despite the latter comprising only 11-12% of the population—again to no national outcry. The distinction in this case was that Martin was black. Zimmerman was not. The rule in America is apparently that only rare white on black crime—not far more common black on black, or black on white, or white on white—is symbolic of larger pathologies, both past and present. In earlier decades of American history, the reverse was more likely true: black on white crime aroused public furor in a way white on white or black on black or white on black crime did not. That fact in time was accepted as clearly symptomatic of racial bias, but the inverse of that today is said not to be.”

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