April 1, 2012

A FOLLOWUP ON THOSE “TAX CHEAT” BILLS: The other day I asked for sightings in the wild. A reader sends this:

I own a car wash and see a lot of currency. “Tax cheat” is very rare but always good for a smile. Let’s say it breaks down like this:

Allocation of stamped bills:

“Tax cheat”: 0.1%

“I grew hemp” cartoon bubble: 0.1%

“Ron Paul” related craziness: 1.0%

www.wheresgeorge.com : 98.8%

So the “tax cheat” guys are fighting the power as effectively as the hemp hippies at this point. You bet that if a couple cash businesses got that tax cheat stamp and really went to town you’d notice in your community, but someone would have to be really motivated to do that. I’m more motivated to fight the very cumbersome dollar coin.

Please no names—it is a bad idea to give your name after a digression about all the cash you see.

Good point. And reader Donald Barnhardt writes:

Glenn – here are a couple of Timmies I got in change recently. These two appear to be rather ‘enthusiastically’ stamped. Maybe the stamper had just finished his taxes.

Plus, a cautionary note from reader Jed Skillman: “Whoa! George Washington is the Father of Our Country…He is not a tax cheat! Who ever is stamping ‘Tax Cheat’ on Tim Geithner bills needs to circle Geithner’s name and draw an arrow to it so the point is made clear to the most casually informed among us.” For the ones I’ve seen it’s been pretty obvious, but a fair point.

And several readers point out that the Tax Cheat Stamps guy is still in business, apparently undeterred by being audited shortly after their introduction.

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