March 30, 2012

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Senate Bill Would Expand Clery Act To Include Dating Violence, Stalking. “Colleges would be required to track and report claims of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking on campus if a bill before the Senate is passed. While some hail it as an important step toward stopping those crimes, others call it a well-intentioned but perhaps misdirected effort that would prove burdensome to colleges.”

If passed, I predict it will be implemented in a sexist fashion, with stalking and violence by female students against male students largely ignored or excused. This will no doubt serve to exacerbate the already burgeoning gender imbalance in higher education, which these “reformers” seem uninterested in addressing. But perhaps male students will report females who text them 20 times in an hour for “stalking.”

Plus, from the comments: “Statistically, traditionally aged college students are safer than similarly aged people anywhere else in the country…in small towns…in urban settings…anywhere…why don’t they push for legislation to track this out in the world? Why not…because they can force colleges and universities to do anything they want with the whip of taking away financial aid. Every regulation that is passed causes cost of attendance to rise.” Yes, the social-experimentalists have universities under their thumb, the way they’d like to have everyone else under their thumb. Ironically, this is helping to undermine the solvency — and legitimacy — of their main source of support.

UPDATE: Reader Gregg Hanke writes: “If the Republicans want to poison-pill this bill, they only need to add a clause expanding the act to cover Senate interns.” Heh.

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