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March 29, 2012

ANN ALTHOUSE TAKES ON Charles Pierce’s Racist Attack On Antonin Scalia.

Calling a man of Italian ancestry “Tony” when that isn’t his nickname? Isn’t that on the level of calling a Latino “Jose” or a black man “Leroy” (or some such stereotypical name)? . . . Pope? More anti-Italian (and anti-Catholic) stereotyping crap, which Pierce probably thinks is just fine, indeed hilarious, because it’s against a conservative.

Par for the course for Pierce. Plus, from the comments: “They never seem to see the racism that they and their friends tend to be guilty of. That’s why they smear Thomas in racist terms. Smeared Palin and Bachmann with sexism (apparently, they’re nailing the WI LG with the same kind of nonsense). It’s why we see Tom Hanks on stage with a guy in blackface at an event that had a remarkable lack of racial diversity.”

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