March 29, 2012

CHANGE: Gas Prices In Washington, DC Surpass $4 a gallon.

Related: Gas pump Post-It revolt reignites.

And reader Tom Canaday writes:

Last August you posted on the appearance of currency signed by Sec. Geithner and stamped “Tax Cheat”.

Today I received such a note.

Now that Geithner-signed currency is more common, have your readers been reporting additional sightings?

Not that I’ve noticed. I got one a while back. If you encounter either gas-pump post-its or “tax cheat” bills, please let me know. Photos appreciated.

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Burhans writes: “Just so you know, gas prices here in Salem, OR are running from $4.09 at discount stations to $4.30 at brand-name stations. It’ll be higher tomorrow: Change!” Hope, not so much.

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