March 18, 2012

THAT SEEMS RATHER UNJUDICIOUS: 29 Wisconsin Judges Sign Walker Recall Petition. That’s 12 percent, and it’s not just abstract advocacy. “Dane County Judge David Flanagan has been under fire for not disclosing his support of the recall before he issued a temporary restraining order against a Walker-backed voter ID law.” It’s like these people don’t believe in civil society or something.

The left has often invoked the authority of law and the learned professions, but Wisconsin — from things like this to the phony doctors’ excuses for protesters — is suggesting that they’re just a bunch of partisan tools.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse: “Why would a judge sign a recall petition? You’re just one name. It can’t make that much difference. And then there you are, your reputation shot to hell. You’re politicized. Biased. All those things you strive to deny when you assume the role of judge.”

They’re selected for loyalty, not intelligence.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “That was no lady. That was Glenn Reynolds.”

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