March 17, 2012

PELOSI’S DAUGHTER: HBO Uncomfortable With ‘Freeloading Welfare Queen’ Video.

Alexandra Pelosi debuted a video she made for HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last night. The video shows multiple welfare recipients in New York City proclaiming they were at the welfare office to get their “Obama bucks” and that they supported Obama because he “gives me stuff.” Pelosi reported that people at the HBO headquarters in New York had said to her “you can’t show this” even though just last week the ran a controversial video showing Mississippi voters saying inflammatory things against the president.

To her credit, and to Bill Maher’s, they showed the video and openly discussed how liberals would hate it. Pelosi said “I didn’t have to go far to find ‘freeloading welfare queens.'” They were, in fact, right across the street from her New York City home.

Seems like there’s even less reason to subscribe to HBO. I don’t.

UPDATE: Reader Michael Grass writes:

HBO’s reluctance to show both sides of the story (re: Alexandra Pelosi’s video) was the final straw. I called Direct TV and asked that they cancel my subscription to HBO tonight. When they asked why I answered that I was fed up with their role as political propagandist for the democratic party as evidenced not only by their support of Bill Maher, but their movie Game Change and now their desire to stifle a documentary that conflicts with their narrative via Alexandra Pelosi. The customer support person said he understood and would get it removed from my account right away. While I didn’t ask how many if any other calls he had received like mine, I did make a mental note that he didn’t miss a beat or seem taken aback by the reasons I gave for cancelling. As you would say…hmmmm…

I’d really like to see their numbers.

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