March 18, 2012

CROSS-CULTURE: Chinese Fish For Meaning In U.S. Carp Rampage. “To understand why Chinese netizens have taken such an interest in the story, it’s absolutely essential to know that the most popular dinner-table fish in seafood-crazy China is carp, bar none. Thus, news of America’s carp problem doesn’t set off alarm — it makes Chinese mouths water. Add the fact that Chinese covet wild carp — an expensive treat compared to cheaper, more common farmed carp — and poetry ensues. . . . The dominant thread in the ongoing discussion is this: The Chinese people, and their voracious appetites, are the solution to America’s carp woes.”

Instead of an invasive-species problem, let’s think of it as a solution to the trade deficit! It’s just a bigger version of my lionfish solution.

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