March 15, 2012


Liberals are trying to destroy Limbaugh by attacking him for his failure to live up to principles that could be characterized as either liberal or conservative. (Treating women with special respect — is that a feminist or a traditional-values notion?) Now, here’s a way to attack the liberal icon Charlie Rose, using what I think are mostly liberal principles: minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, and government-imposed rules about labor relations. Also: ensuring that the children of the wealthy don’t get special advantages. (They’re the ones that can afford to begin their careers with nonpaying internships.) I assume libertarians and conservatives don’t worry about free citizens freely choosing to work for free.

But you can’t really compare Charlie Rose to Rush Limbaugh. There’s no fun in bringing down Charlie Rose, and, anyway, conservatives aren’t salivating at the opportunity to destroy a voice on the left, are they?

No. As Professor Jacobson observes: “There is no equivalent of Media Matters on the conservative side, a well-funded organization devoted to silencing political opponents through secondary advertiser boycotts.”

UPDATE: Reader Patrick Carroll writes: “Give me a Conservative ‘Media Matters’ and I will write an annual $1,000 (at least) check. If I don’t, please feel free to shame me in public. God knows, spending on this, rather than scotch, may well prolong the time I am a minor gore in sacred liberal oxen – which always make the best conservative hamburger- and also extend my life. Which, well, more liberal oxen”

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