March 12, 2012

WAPO/ABC NEWS POLL: Gas prices sink Obama’s ratings on economy, bring parity to race for White House.

This is why they want people talking about birth control.

UPDATE: Reader Patrick Anders writes:

Your link on the price of gas and Obama’s economic rating reminded me that in 2008, the last time gas prices were this high, Trilby Lundberg was a near constant guest or source on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Lundberg is a consultant specializing in gasoline price predictions, she’s a peak oil prophet, and she’s still active. But I couldn’t recall hearing her name mentioned at all this year on NPR. A search of NPR’s archives showed I was right.

Ms. Lundberg became an unperson at NPR after 2008. Wonder why that is?

Maybe we should call it National Party Radio.

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